I think that a huge problem is people who read comics and don’t understand the point of superheroes, which is to be the best version of yourself. You love Captain America? Well, you know what Captain America would never do? Go online anonymously and shit on a girl for having an opinion.

Brian Michael Bendis, dropping truth bombs in an interview with Vulture (via brynnasaurus)


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Submerged Motherlands, an Immersive Installation by @swoonhq

To see more photos from Swoon’s Submerged Motherlands installation, in addition to photos and videos from Ai Weiwei’s “According to What?" exhibit, explore the Brooklyn Museum location page.

The Brooklyn Museum (@brooklynmuseum) is home to a new immersive, site-specific installation by Swoon (@swoonhq), a New York artist renowned for her large and intricate linoleum and woodcut prints.

The work, entitled Submerged Motherlands, transforms the museum’s fifth floor rotunda. A large tree anchors the exhibition and makes use of the space’s high ceilings and natural light while delicately sculpted scenes of people and wildlife unfold at its base.

Submerged Motherlands will remain on display at the Brooklyn Museum through August 24.

Farewell Ceramics 230

I did it. I made it to the finish line. I completed and passed ceramics 230, my last studio course of my Bachelors in Fine Arts. I started the year moaning and complaining and even crying about ceramics, stating how much I hated it, how I felt out of my element, a fish out of water, cursing every time I went in the studio to do work (which was almost every single day of the week) to breathing (I…

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