some of the more economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods tend to be the most colourful. photos by (click pic): shyami das in sikkim, west bengal; rachel tobias in valparaiso, chile; becky caplice in guanajuato, mexico; adelino alves in favela da rocinha, rio de janeiro, brazil; christian haugen in lima, peru; raul arboleda in medellin, colombia; dieu nalio chery in petionville, haiti; alain gavage in belo horizonte, brazil 


I started painting again. After a year of not painting, it feel strange and different to go back to this medium after spending my last year doing ceramics. I feel disconnected from the paint. I’m feeling insecure. Why am I here? Where else can I go?

I don’t know what I’m doing or saying. My thoughts are racing in every direction. Everything is a mess and swirling in my head. It’s all jumbled. I’m…

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